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SRS Day 7


Exciting day! Packing was removed, internal healing checked, first dilation, and confirmed catheter removal for tomorrow! More deets after the cut

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So glad your making such good progress..loving all the updates..

Jul 21, 2014 / 40 notes

Heading back to hotel after SRS


Today both sucked hard and was incredibly awesome! Couldn’t sleep because my leg is all messed up from laying in the same position so long. (Any advice? I can’t lift it?) then was up early because they are going to remove my bandages.

They turned off my tv last night because it was going to be so early.

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Thanks for the update and so happy that you have not lost your wonderful sense of humour.. :) Hang in there..

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Srs post surgery update


Still in recovery at the clinic, in a lot of pain today, but I suppose that’s normal after a surgery like this and laying flat for two days. So, here is the more detailed update promised.

When I got here Thursday, I had to strip down and put a robe on backwards, then waited in the recovery room for the anesthesiologist to mix the meds. Then I walked into the OR and laid down on the operating table. Dr. Chet greeted me warmly and the anesthesiologist did as well. Besides them, there were about five nurses in there as well.

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Thanks so much for the update, hang in there…Hugs

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Hey everyone, SHE LIVES!! Exhausted and hurting but already on the mend. They just had me up and walking to exercise my legs, gave me some pain pills and now I’m off for a nap. Super hugs everyone!

I’ll post a detailed update in a couple days. :)

Wonderful news…

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Hanging out in my room, waiting on the anesthesiologist. The nurse, Rose, will be spending the night in my room in case I need anything. I’m stripped down, all my metal is off, and watching tv, just waiting.

I think I’m supposed to be nervous or scared, but really, I’m just excited! :) We’ll be starting the surgery soon! Much love to everyone! Mwah!!

Best of luck, thinking of you.. Hugs

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Some shots from the mall today. It’s huuuuuge! 4 floors and we just made it through the first two! Highlights were Thai Ronald McDonald, escalators for shopping carts, fried octopus, and Hello Kitty doughnuts!

We also picked up a bunch of groceries in prep of my three day liquid diet. We are exhausted!!

I loved the Thai Ronald McDonald when I was over there..You’ll quickly used to that famous Thai greeting..

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​We made it (finally) to Thailand!!!! we are exhausted but just checked into the hotel and are about to go get some breakfast!

A driver picked us up at the airport and had a sign with my name on it, then handed me a packet to review on the drive with all the details of my SRS surgery. Looks like we head over for surgery at 1pm (local time) on Thursday!

So excited! of luck . I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you..Looking forward to hearing all your news, experiences and progress..X

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So cool..

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Love it!

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Florzinhas do MEU jardim perfumado…rsrs
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Florzinhas do MEU jardim perfumado…rsrs

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